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Getting there

Posted on: 15th Jan 2015

Although it isn't so important if you're buying a permanent home abroad and planning to stay put, one of the major considerations when buying a holiday home is communications (road, rail and air links) with your home country. How long will it take to get there, e.g. by air, taking into account journeys to and from airports? Is it possible to drive? One of the main advantages of being able to drive to a holiday home abroad is that you can take much more luggage with you (including provisions unavailable locally) and the cost for a family may be significantly lower than using public transport.

            Could you travel by bus, rail or ship/ferry? What does it cost? How frequent are buses, flights  trains or ferries at the time(s) of year when you plan to travel. Is it feasible to visit a holiday home abroad for a long weekend, given the cost and travelling time involved? Note that some charter flight companies can be unreliable and over?booking is often a problem in the high season. If you plan to make frequent trips to a home abroad, it obviously makes sense to choose somewhere that involves a relatively short journey and isn't too expensive. If a long journey is involved, you should bear in mind that it takes most people a day or two to fully recover from a long journey, particularly when a long flight (and possibly jet?lag) is involved.

            Bear in mind that there's no guarantee that budget flights that are available when you buy a home abroad will remain so in future. For example, in recent years a number of budget airlines have curtailed or cancelled flights to some European regional airports in winter and some routes have been abandoned altogether.


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