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Legal Advice

Posted on: 15th Jan 2015

Before establishing a business or undertaking any business transactions in a foreign country, it's important to obtain expert legal advice from an experienced lawyer and accountant (who speaks English or a language you speak fluently) to ensure that you will be operating within the law. There are severe penalties for anyone who ignores the regulations and legal requirements. Expert legal advice is also necessary to take advantage of any favourable tax breaks and to make sense of the myriad rules and regulations. It's imperative to ensure that contracts are clearly defined and water?tight before making an investment, because if you become involved in a legal dispute it can take years to resolve.

            Businesses must also register for local sales, purchase or value added tax. Most people require a special licence to start a business and no commitments should be made until permission has been granted.

            Among the best sources of local help and information are Chambers of Commerce and town halls.


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