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Avoiding the Crooks

Posted on: 15th Jan 2015

In addition to problems with the authorities, you may also come into contact with assorted crooks and swindlers who will try to relieve you of your money. You should have a healthy suspicion regarding the motives of anyone you do business with abroad (unless it's your mum or spouse), particularly your fellow countrymen. It's also generally best to avoid partnerships, as they rarely work and can be a disaster. In general, you should trust nobody and shouldn't sign anything or pay any money before having a contract checked by a lawyer.

            It's a sad fact of life, but foreigners who prey on their fellow countrymen are commonplace in some countries. In most cases you're better off dealing with a long-established local company with roots in the community (and therefore a good reputation to protect), rather than your compatriots. Note that if things go wrong, you may be unprotected by the law, the wheels of which grind extremely slowly in some countries - when they haven't fallen off completely. 


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