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Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

If you're wedded to your car (or at least to having your own transport), you probably wouldn't consider living somewhere where you cannot get around independently. Having your own transport will also allow you a much wider choice of where you can live. However, if isn't always necessary to own a car and many people use taxis for local trips and rent a car for longer journeys. 

            Note that women aren't permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia and some other countries don't allow any visitors to drive, while others have special requirements.

            Bear in mind that driving is a nerve?wracking and even dangerous experience in many countries, and most people are more accident?prone when driving abroad. Driving in cities is often totally chaotic at the best of times, particularly when traffic drives on a different side of the road from that in your home country. A car can be a liability in towns if you don't have private parking and you will save a lot of money if you can manage without one, which is why many people on a limited budget live in towns. 

            Further information is available in our Living and Working series of books.


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