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Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

One of the most important aspects of living abroad (or anywhere for that matter) is maintaining good health. The quality of health care and health care facilities vary considerably from country to country, although most western countries provide good to excellent health care for those who can afford to pay for private treatment. However, there's a stark contrast between public and private health facilities in many countries, even western countries, some of which have severely over-stretched and under?funded public health services.

            The provision of fully-equipped hospitals is rare in many countries (in some countries there's only one major general hospital in the capital city), and nursing care and post?hospital assistance are well below what most westerners take for granted. Health facilities in remote areas, even in developed countries, are often inadequate, and if you have a serious accident or need emergency hospital treatment in some countries, you will need to be evacuated to the nearest major city or possibly even to another country.

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