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Other Considerations

Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

The following points should also be taken into account when considering whether or where to retire abroad:

            Location: One of the main considerations in choosing a retirement location should be the 'pleasantness' of the location. You should be aware that an area can change considerably over a period; for example a village may be quiet and undeveloped when you buy a property and retire there, but it could rapidly become a major tourist spot. This is particularly true of unspoilt and 'undiscovered' Mediterranean resorts and little-known parts of Central America and the Caribbean. Before committing yourself to a location, make sure that you're aware of the government's and local authorities' future plans for it.

            Think carefully before choosing your favourite holiday destination as your place of retirement. Holiday memories tend to be recalled through rose-coloured spectacles, but the reality of daily life can be very different, and your perspective and requirements as a resident are quite different from those of a tourist. Before buying a home you should visit an area at different times of the year and rent a property for an extended period (up to six months) before taking the plunge.

            Public Transport: Investigate local public transport thoroughly. This is particularly important if you're elderly, as you may not always be able (or wish) to drive. There's little point in choosing an isolated spot or somewhere with a limited public transport system, when in a few years time you may have to rely on local bus and train services to get about. You should also consider the terrain of your chosen home, as a location with lots of hills or steps can become an insurmountable problem if you have mobility problems or become disabled.

            Research: Do as much research as possible on your prospective retirement destination, preferably by visiting a country or area several times before making a decision. If you're planning to retire abroad with a partner you should do the research together, so that both of you are aware of the benefits and drawbacks.


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