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Employment Conditions

Posted on: 16th Jan 2015

The term 'employment conditions' (as used here) refers to an employer's general employment terms and conditions (including benefits, rules and regulations) that apply to all employees, unless otherwise stated in individual contracts of employment. General employment conditions are usually referred to in employment contracts and employees usually receive a copy on starting employment (or in some cases beforehand). Certain subjects, such as health insurance and company pension plans, may be detailed in separate documents.

            Employment conditions may include the validity and applicability; place of work; salary and benefits; extra months' salary and bonuses; working hours and flexi?time rules; overtime and compensation; travel and relocation expenses; social security; company pension plan; accident insurance; unemployment insurance; salary insurance; health insurance; miscellaneous insurance; use of company cars; notification of sickness or accident; sick pay and disability benefits; annual and public holidays; compassionate and special leave of absence; allowances and paid expenses; probationary and notice periods; education and training; health and safety; pregnancy and confinement; part?time job restrictions; changing jobs and confidentiality; acceptance of gifts; retirement; military service; discipline and dismissal; severance pay; and trade union membership.

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